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Working From_ Fulton Market

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USA, Chicago

hot desk 👥: $30 per day hot desk 👥: $325 per month fixed desk 👤: $535 per month


## A coworking space that feels like home. Like working from home, without the distractions. The comfy sofas at The Hoxton have been the unofficial workspace of choice since 2006. We figured it was time to step it up a level, so we launched Working From_. Our coworking offices offer you the chance to feel comfortable and content while working. Whether it’s just you hustling or you work as part of a team, we’ve got shared office and coworking spaces to suit. We’re coworking, but better, with nice perks, rip-off-free rates, and none of the distractions of home. ### Our Fulton Market Coworking Memberships Whether you’re flying solo, working with a team, or just want a desk for the day to get that pitch finished, we’ve got coworking offices for you. ### Our coworking spaces and meeting rooms. We’ve got library desks for getting the hard work done, plus meeting rooms, cosy corners and daybeds built for dreaming.


Day Pass: $30 Desk Hop: $325/mo Open Studio: $535/mo


200/208 N Green Street 3rd & 4th Floor Chicago, IL 60607 [email protected]