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Wellio Milan Duomo

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Italy, Milan

hot desk 👥: €305 per month fixed desk 👤: €512.4 per month


### CREATED IN COLLABORATION WITH DWA DESIGN STUDIO Sensual immersion in the historic heart of Milan: Between raw and shiny, green copper, red brick, blonde stone. --- + CONCIERGE AND RECEPTION SERVICE including mail handling + A CARING TEAM with a dedicated Well'manager + IT NETWORK secure and efficient with on-site assistance + OPEN 365 DAYS/YEAR 24 hours a day + MEMBER STATUS unlimited access to the Wellio network


Mobile Coworking: €250 /month +IVA Resident Coworking: €420 /month +IVA Mobile Coworking: daily not available


Via dell’Unione 1, 20123 Milan +39 331 6342774 +39 366 9014834