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Wellio Milan Dante

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Italy, Milan

hot desk 👥: €305 per month fixed desk 👤: €512.4 per month


### OUR WELLIO MILAN DANTE WORKSPACES Designed by the renowned Italian architect Cristofori Santi, our Wellio Milan Dante site draws its inspiration from the major currents of Milan’s artistic culture. Located in the historic district, our private offices, event spaces, meeting rooms and coworking spaces are in Via Dante. Work alone or in a team in an elegant atmosphere with Epic, Radical, Poetic and Novecento elements… a unique concept where each artistic trend is honoured. ### WELLIO MILAN IS AT THE CENTRE OF ALL THE EXCITEMENT #### WORKSPACES Like the famous Museo del Novecento in Milan, our pro-working spaces have an artistic atmosphere. The various design styles invoke various Italian trends, combining kinetic art, geometric textures and a clash of materials. The entire space is designed for professional well-being. + Private offices : Open-plan or partitioned space? Work on your projects in complete confidentiality. Contact us to visit and reserve a private space; + Coworking : At the heart of the Via Dante, our Wellio Milan space offers resident subscriptions (year–round designated workstation) and club pro-worker subscriptions (accessible during business hours); + Event spaces : Our event spaces are the solution for your events and meetings in Milan. Up to 90 people can enjoy a tailor-made setting and a friendly team to assist you; + Meeting rooms : To take advantage of one of our Plug & Play meeting rooms, tell us the number of people and the date of the event. #### SHARED SPACES AVAILABLE TO PROFESSIONALS A chic and trendy Italian atmosphere permeates our available spaces: + Exterior patio : A modern setting with natural vegetation; + Panoramic rooftop : Take in the panoramic view; + Skybar : Relax in a stylish and open setting; + Kitchenette : Have lunch on site and save working time; + Bubbles : When you want to cut yourself off from the outside world to recharge your batteries. ### WELLIO MILAN DANTE, IN THE FAMOUS SHOPPING STREET Via Dante is the most famous shopping street in Milan. Tourists, locals and street artists mingle and participate in the carnival atmosphere. Dotted with shops and restaurants, the street is very lively, and you can enjoy remarkable period architecture.


Mobile Coworking: €250 /month +IVA Resident Coworking: €420 /month +IVA Mobile Coworking: daily not available


Via Dante 7, 20123 Milan +39 331 6342774 +39 366 9014834