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Italy, Turin

hot desk 👥: €16.5 per day hot desk 👥: €120 per month fixed desk 👤: €200 per month


### Work Safe | Live Smartly Toolbox is a hybrid space where freelancers, companies and start-ups work safely every day to strengthen and innovate their business. ### The future is hybrid Toolbox is a diverse community, a full calendar of events, and physical work space that offers comfort, social interaction, collaboration, and innovation. ### Sustainable and smart leisure time To work better, you need to live better. That's why Toolbox encourages the integration of all areas of professional and personal life, offering solutions for your well-being and your leisure time. ### 10,000 m2 of space converted from an early 20th century foundry For over a hundred years, it has been one of those places where significant innovations have taken place in the working world.


My Flex: €16,50 per day - €120 per month My Desk: €20 per day - €200 per month *VAT not included


via Agostino da Montefeltro, 2 10134 Torino [email protected]


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