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Spazio Elabora

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Italy, Milan

hot desk 👥: €18.3 per day hot desk 👥: €170.8 per month fixed desk 👤: €292.8 per month


### WHAT IS SPAZIO ELABORA? Spazio Elabora is the ultimate co-working solution for professionals. We provide you with comfortable, private and tech ready workstations as well as private rooms for your workshops, seminars, meetings and classes. On top of that our members will also have access to a spacious relax room equipped with a fully functioning kitchen. No time to cook? No worries! Here at Spazio Elabora with will have your tasty and healthy food options. We don’t stop there! We also offer you all sorts of lifestyle solutions ranging from dog walking, to dry cleaning to event catering. Have a look at our membership options. We aim at fully expressing the collaborative nature of a shared office. This is why we participate in the Coworking Project led by Cowo©.​ ## Spazio Elabora, work and beyond. ## Co-working that leaves space for your life.


Flex: €15/giorno +iva Flex: €140/mese +iva Regular: €240/mese +iva


Via San Mansueto 5, Milano Tel: (+39) 02 36557090 ​​Cel: (+39) 39 29588880 [email protected]