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Ukraine, Kyiv

hot desk 👥: ₴600 per day fixed desk 👤: $300 per month


People usually choose coworking in Kyiv not only because of the convenient workspace but also because of the special atmosphere and the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people. After all, renting a fixed place or an office in coworking is not a question of either an office in a business center or an apartment. It’s both. Today in the city center there are more than 30 offerings from various local and foreign networks, so if you are looking for a “rent office in Kiev Shevchenkivskii district”, making the final choice among real estate might be difficult. We will tell you why renting an office with Peremoga on Yaroslaviv Val street is the best option for both a freelancer and a startup team. --- ### What is Peremoga? Peremoga is a new space for work and events on Yaroslaviv Val street in the Shevchenkivskii district, located in the building of the former Red Star military hotel that has been empty for more than 20 years. + third coworking of the Peremoga network (ex #PeremogaSpace) + area ― 2,800 square meters + 350 desks + event hall for up to 85 people In all our locations, we convey the concept of victory (uk=peremoga) through the success stories of Ukrainians in the present and in the past. Inspired by the history of the building and the street itself, we dedicated the new space on Yarval to the artistic and literary groups of Kyiv of the 20th century.


+ Hot desk in coworking - 600 UAH / day or 120 UAH / hour + Dedicated desk - $300 /month + Private Office: from $365 + Meeting Rooms: from 800 UAH per hour + Lecture Hall: 4800 UAH per hour


Yaroslaviv Val Street, 15, Kyiv [email protected]