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Materia Centrale

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Italy, Milan

hot desk 👥: €25 per day hot desk 👥: €200 per month fixed desk 👤: €260 per month


## Unique places designed with care. A perfect location for open your business up to new possibilities. --- **Materia offers both OPEN SPACES and PRIVATE OFFICES.** Open Space MATERIA COWORKING is in via Scarlatti, 7 Milan. Born flexible, it can be both a full office with desks and sittings and a location fit for events, conferences and so on: thanks to its foldable furniture in bleached birch wood, Materia Coworking transforms itself effortlessly. Via Scarlatti, 7 is well located between two focal points of the city, Central Station and boulevard Corso Buenos Aires, directly accessible from the street. 90 square meters wide, the space has 12 foldable workstations and a meeting room for 6 people. [M]OFFICE in Galleria del Corso, 4 Milan has the ideal rooms for corporate businesses in need of a private office, a representative meeting room and 24/7 access: the most institutional headquarters in the heart of Milan. *Both locations can also be virtual offices, allowing your business to have an official registered office.* --- Materia Coworking offers four different DESK SETUPS to provide tailor-made solutions to suit diverse professional needs. 6 FULL OPTIONAL DESKS: the traditional office desk, with a locker and shelves to store documents and books. This option is recommended for those who plan to work in Materia coworking full time. These desks are 2 meters long and 80cm wide, with autonomous lightning and key lockers. 6 TANDEM DESKS: these desks are tailored for professionals who require working together in small teams of two. The tandem desk is 1 meter long and 70 cm wide, with autonomous lightning, key lockers and individual shelves.


Shared desk: €25/day +IVA Shared desk: €200/month (10 access) +IVA Dedicated desk: €260/month +IVA


via Scarlatti 7, Milano +39 02 82870205 [email protected]


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