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Germany, Berlin

hot desk 👥: €35.7 per day hot desk 👥: €225 per month


## The Coworking Space IM.PULS in Berlin Open work spaces are the trend: The Technology Park Adlershof also offers a 550-sqm space for founders, students, research project groups and young entrepreneurs. The close proximity to the Adlershof network of science, research and companies creates a unique climate for innovation. ### Co-working in Berlin Adlershof: Fresh Impulses The WISTA building in Rudower Chaussee 17 boasts 50 work stations, turning the Technology Park into a place for collaboration and innovation. Light-coloured furniture, wooden floors, transparent walls, multi-coloured chairs and modern desks create a pleasant and productive environment. Apart from desks the Coworking Space IM.PULS provides its users with lounges, closed “think tanks” for making phone calls, conference rooms and a fully-equipped kitchen.


Standard: from €225 / month Students: from €136 / month Day pass: €35,70 (Mon-Fri starting 8 am) Conference Room: from €30 / person Letterbox: from €15 / month


Rudower Chaussee 17, Berlin +49 30 6392-2283 [email protected]