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Creative State of Senator

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Ukraine, Kyiv

hot desk 👥: $20 per day hot desk 👥: $210 per month fixed desk 👤: $230 per month


## Premium, flexible workspaces with a full range of operational services and unique community Creative State of Senator is located on the 14th floor of Senator Business Center (class A), Pechersk district - right in the heart of Kyiv, surrounded by cafes, restaurants, stores and activity hubs, 8 minutes from 2 different metro stations. --- ## 4 REASONS TO CHOOSE THIS LOCATION: 1. ### Inspiring atmosphere of New York ![Inspiring atmosphere of New York](https://creativestates.net/_next/image?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcreativestates.net%2Fmedia%2Freasons_to_choose_location%2Flounge.JPG&w=1920&q=75) > Getting into the Senator location, you find yourself in New York in the 30s. Gangsters, prohibition, money and underground booze flowed like wild rivers in New York of those years. A unique mural awaits you in the lounge and the jukebox will immerse you in the atmosphere of the loudest parties in the Great Gatsby style. 2. ### Thoroughly thought-out infrastructure ![Thoroughly thought-out infrastructure](https://creativestates.net/_next/image?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcreativestates.net%2Fmedia%2Freasons_to_choose_location%2Fmeeting.jpg&w=1920&q=75) > Every detail is thoughtful and meaningful. Unique designed meeting and skype rooms: Morocco, Brooklyn, Italy, Great Gatsby Comics. 3. ### Facilities management ![Facilities management](https://creativestates.net/_next/image?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcreativestates.net%2Fmedia%2Freasons_to_choose_location%2Ffacilities.jpg&w=1920&q=75) > Fast and reliable internet, coffee points, own chef, parking, sleep room and much more. 4. ### Happy Hours and tech breakfast ![Happy Hours and tech breakfast](https://creativestates.net/_next/image?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcreativestates.net%2Fmedia%2Freasons_to_choose_location%2Fhappyhours.JPG&w=1920&q=75) > Cocktails every Friday and the opportunity to be part of the most innovative events. --- ## BENEFITS: + ### PERFECT LOCATION In the city center. + ### KIDS FRIENDLY There are a children's room, WC with a changing table. + ### PET FRIENDLY All your pets are permitted. + ### DINE & FOOD A wide range of popular cafes and restaurants within walking distance. + ### PARKING A large secure parking in the Business Center. + ### GENERATOR Ensures uninterrupted operation of the location. + ### SHOWER ROOMS There is everything you need to freshen up.


+ ONE DAY ACCESS: $20 + One month Hot Desk: $210 + Fixed Desk: $230 + Private Office: from $300 + Office Suite: from $320 + Super Flex Office: from $320


BC Senator, 14th floor, 32/2, Kniaziv Ostrozkykh str., Kyiv, Ukraine Creative State of Senator is located on the 14th floor of Senator Business Center - right in the heart of Kyiv. Email: [email protected]


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