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Creative State of Arsenal

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Ukraine, Kyiv

hot desk 👥: $30 per day hot desk 👥: $300 per month fixed desk 👤: $330 per month


Creative State of Arsenal is located inside of the giant hangar at the old Arsenal Factory - right in the city center, 100 steps from Arsenalna metro station. The location can accommodate 700 residents. This is a three-floor building with an amazing lounge on the ground, live tree in the middle, a spacious deck with hot desks area, glass ceiling, frescoes, a terrace, a large kitchen, sleep-capsules area, shower cabins and creative business suites on the third floor. That is far from all. --- ### 4 REASONS TO CHOOSE THIS LOCATION: 1. Inspiring atmosphere of New Orleans A unique hand-painted mural, the green zone in the spirit of one of the wonders of the world "The Hanging Gardens of Babylon". The environment will help you generate new ideas and fully immerse yourself in the fabulous world of Creative States. 2. Thoroughly thought-out infrastructure Every detail is thoughtful and meaningful. Unique designed meeting and skype rooms: Nouveau Art, Paris, Cappadocia, East, Tropics, Alice in Wonderland, Steampunk, Dead Sea and Boston. 3. Facilities Management Fast and reliable internet, coffee points, own chef, parking, sleep room and much more. 4. Happy Hours and Tech breakfast Cocktails every Friday and the opportunity to be part of the most innovative events. --- ### BENEFITS: + PERFECT LOCATION In the city center. + PARKING A large secure parking behind the hangar. + KIDS FRIENDLY There are a children's room, WC with a changing table. + PET FRIENDLY All your pets are permitted. + DINE & FOOD A wide range of popular cafes and restaurants within walking distance. + SLEEPING ROOM The place to regain the power. + GENERATOR Ensures uninterrupted operation of the location. + SHOWER ROOMS There is everything you need to freshen up.


+ ONE DAY ACCESS: $30 + One month Hot Desk: $300 + Fixed Desk: $330 + Private Office: from $450 + Office Suite: from $480 + Super Flex Office: from $480 + Business Suite: from $2800


A-Station, 8 unit 7, Kniaziv Ostrozkykh str. Creative State of Arsenal is located near Arsenalna metro station - in the heart of the revived Arsenal factory. Email: [email protected]