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AvantSpace San Francisco

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USA, San Francisco

hot desk 👥: $50 per day hot desk 👥: $450 per month fixed desk 👤: $675 per month


## SAN FRANCISCO BOUTIQUE COWORKING ### Explore Our Boutique Coworking Spaces Located in the heart of the Marina district on one of the cities most celebrated corners, AvantSpace San Francisco sits on what is commonly referred to as the Marina Triangle surrounded by boutiques, restaurants, and bars. With two stunning rooftop decks you’ll find flexible offices, coworking, and on-demand space available 24/7 reimagined for the modern workforce. ### About AvantSpace At Avant Space, we’ve created a workspace that doesn’t tie you down to a desk, and plans that allow room to grow and expand or downsize as you see fit. Gaining membership means being part of a community that offers a diverse set of creative spaces to work from. Indulge in excess for your creative endeavors with our x-large workstations Locally sourced furniture, multiple lounges, conference rooms, and phone booths From coffee to cold brew, wine, and kombucha we have it on tap Custom network solutions to fit address all company sizes and security needs 24/7 access, 365 days out of the year, we never shut down so you can keep going


Day Pass: $50 /day Solo: $450 /month Dedicated: $675 /month


2181 Greenwich Street San Francisco, CA 94123 [email protected]