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USA, San Francisco

hot desk 👥: $25 per day hot desk 👥: $250 per month fixed desk 👤: $350 per month


*Not just the WeWork crowd.* ## A coworking space that's actually fun. Traditional co-working spaces can be sterile. Your local coffee shop has horrible internet service. And if you spend one more day pretending your living room is an actual office, you’re going to lose it. That’s where Anchor comes in. We’re a diverse community with one thing in common: a desire to be productive, collaborative, and convivial. ## Anchor Coworking Solutions Whether you’re hard at work or taking a snack break, we’ve got you covered. Psst: all memberships & day passes get access to all amenities, 24/7. + **Phone Booths** Soundproof, psychedelic, & super private + **Community Lounges** Take a break & chat with other members. + **Free Printing** For decks, dreams, & more. + **Bike Storage** An SF must-have. + **Kitchen Space** No seafood in the microwave, please. + **Conference Rooms** For business meetings or badass brainstorms. + **Media Room** For presentations & podcasts. + **Fast Wifi** The fastest ‘net this side of the Bay. + **24-hour access** Because work doesn’t always mean 9—5. --- ### Our Story It all started with a parking lot. At the time, Anchor founder Bobby Dunn had no intention of creating a co-working space — he was actually looking for a parking lot where he could teach people how to use Boosted Boards (think: skateboards with a motor) without crashing. A developer he knew didn't have any parking lots available... but he did know of a building that might be suitable for an indoor skate park. The indoor skatepark didn't pan out, but the minute Bobby stepped into the 15,000 sq. foot space, he knew it was something special. He signed the lease on the spot, and, after tossing a few ideas around (DIY gallery? Giant soundbath space? Indoor graffiti park?) he realized it would be the perfect co-working space. But not the kind of co-working space that felt stuffy, corporate, and bland. One that was vibrant, and a true community for its members. And so, Anchor was born. 7 years later, Anchor has grown into a co-working space that’s just as much about community as it is about productivity. Here, you’re just as likely to meet an app founder or software engineer as a realtor, lawyer, social worker, or artist. We want members to feel a sense of belonging and ownership in the space, and treat it like an extension of their homes. In fact, we’ve heard the space is “like walking into your parent’s basement” — minus the funky smell, of course. ### About Bobby Dog dad, onesie enthusiast, and outdoor aficionado Bobby Dunn is a marketing and business development leader with experience launching teams, products, and experiences. When he's in work mode, he's an expert in balancing creative and business development knowledge to deliver innovative, high-quality, cost-effective strategies that drive growth and scalability in a fast-paced environment. Although he's worked on a variety of projects over the past 18+ years, he's always been passionate about building + leading teams that motivate each other and strive for excellence. To him, Anchor is more than a co-working space: it's a community where people can find new creative conspirators, happy hour buddies, adventure companions, and colleagues. Off the clock, Bobby is an (in)famous holiday party planner, Chief Officer of Mischief, world traveler, excellent craft cocktail creator, and ugly sweater expert. He's always happy to chat with members about anything from office space plans to neighborhood burrito recommendations.


Day Pass: $25 / Day Floating Desk: $250/month Dedicated Desk: $350/month


1540 Market St #100, San Francisco, CA 94102 [email protected]